Effingham, IL: Woman in critical condition after she ‘blew up her vagina’ using a fire extinguisher

A 25-year old woman in Effingham, Illinois has been seriously injured after a reckless plan to spray a fire extinguisher into her vagina left her with massive internal bleeding.

Shanice Brown, a college student, was attending a party with classmates and reportedly ‘incredibly drunk’ at the time she decided to grab a fire extinguisher and spray it inside her vagina. Her friends admit they were also intoxicated and thought it was a good idea – at the time.

“When she said she’d do it we just started laughing,” said one male classmate who asked not to be named. “We had no idea that it would hurt her so badly.”

Witnesses say Ms Brown grabbed an extinguisher from a hallway outside the apartment where the party was being held and returned before exposing herself. “She lifted up her skirt and shoved the nozzle right into her vagina.”

A crowd gathered to watch as she then released the lever that activated the spray. “Instantly we knew something was wrong as her abdomen started swelling up like a balloon before it ruptured right in front of us.”

The sudden pressure from the extinguisher is believed to have literally ‘blown up’ Ms Brown’s vagina and caused massive internal bleeding. She is now in a critical but stable condition at a local hospital. 

Students and members of the public are being urged to refrain from attempting any similar stunts with fire extinguishers. “These devices have the potential to seriously harm people if used incorrectly.”